Success for Galletti at MCE 2014

8 April 2014

Success for Galletti at MCE 2014

Galletti’s participation in the MCE 2014 exhibition in Milan achieved considerable success among the visitors to the exhibition.

Date of publication: 08.04.2014

At the stand were presented the products of the comfort air conditioning sector together with the Galletti Group’s proposals for solutions and technology.

The products that garnered the most appreciation included thehydronic indoor units of the Estro and Flat systems with a motor with BLDC inverter, the LCP and HIWARM multi-purpose heat pumps with complete recovery (which are now available even in a single-block version), and the integrated management of the system by means of the new Evo System microprocessor controller.

Particular interest was generated by Seneca, the innovative planning support tool developed by Galletti in collaboration with Università degli Studi di Bologna.

Seneca is a software program for calculating the energy performance of air conditioning systems with heat pumps that allows the assessment of the seasonal yields and power consumption of the heat pumps; it does all of this on the basis of the heat characteristics of the building envelope and the temperature profile of the outside air.

Furthermore, it allows the automatic selection of the most efficient machine on the basis of the project conditions and the energy and economic comparison of the heat pumps with traditional systems according to a rigorous calculation code based on European and Italian directives and regulations.

Thanks to its new products and a new communicative profile, on this important occasion Galletti was confirmed as a top company in the comfort air conditioning sector among the companies of the Galletti Group.